Hello boys and girls.
We want to announce that our module for VPS is 95% ready.

Admin side:

Create VPS (with username+password) in CWP (100%)
Edit VPS (100%)
Suspend/Unsupend VPS(and user in CWP) (100%)
Start/Stop VPS (100%)
Monitor of running VPSs and some of their functions (100%)
Delete VPS (100%)

Client side:
Boot/Reboot/Shutdown VPS (100%)
Reinstall OS (100%)
Change Root Password (100%)
Change Hostname (100%)
Check VPS Status (100%)
Open Root Console through Web Browser (0%)

If anyone have an idea how to make this console real we will be happy to integrate his/her code in our code with all the thanks and informations.
Keep in mind:
The console is supposed to make a connection to $hostname:$port where $hostname and $port will be taken from MySQL(MariaDB) table.

Other option for this is to make it with VNC server so the costumer downloads a VNC Viewer and connects to his/her VPS. We are still thinking about it.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

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